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Encouraging Independence 

& Healthy Lifestyles

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The Companion Art Studio


The Companion Program

Our goal is to encourage independence and healthy lifestyles by providing one-to-one support to individuals with disabilities.  We seek to help people who want to participate in social and recreational activities by assisting them in establishing natural supports in their own communities.

TCP is Hiring

We are currently seeking community inclusion providers and skills trainers to spend one-on-one and group time with individuals with disabilities.  To learn more, please email us at, or call us at 503-359-2512.

The Companion Art STUDIO

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NEW! Come see The Companion Art Studio. Through painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, fiber and performance, our artists will explore the creative process while building confidence and independence with a 1:8 staff to artist ratio.


Meaningful Relationships & Sexuality Course

relationshipscourseLearn to create and maintain healthy relationships, maintain boundaries, be safe and stand up for your right to be a sexual self-advocate. This 10-week relationship and sexuality course is offered by The Companion Program for individuals with intellectual disabilities.